Tuesday, 25 August 2009

More Thoughts on Female Supremacy

OK - So I'm not exactly the most prolific blogger in the blogosphere, but if any of my thoughts have generated interest of note it would have to be the article on Female Supremacy. I am going to take this opportunity to expand upon that article a little.

I think it's important to be grown-up about this. More men believe in the concept of Female Supremacy than women, but for many of those men it is a masturbatory fantasy in which whip-wielding goddesses rule the world and we men are kept in cages and brought out for their amusement and sexual pleasure... Well OK - but that world isn't going to happen any time soon - or ever...

If we are to bring about a world that I suspect most people reading this blog would like to see; a world which is Female led, a world in which political and commercial leaders are largely women, a world in which Female Led relationships are the norm and where husbands promise to "love honour and obey", where housework is "men's work" - then we need to ensure that the term Female Supremacy is understood.

The problem is that even those women (and some men) that share the above vision would not describe themselves as Female Supremacists. I think that the reasons for this are complex, but have a great deal deal to do with the unpleasant historical connotations of the term as I mentioned in my previous post. If we are to reclaim the term so that more women are comfortable with it and are happy to describe themselves as the Superior Sex then we must clarify what Female Supremacy really means. Now I would be interested to hear from others what it means to them, but this is what it means to me...

Does it mean to me that ALL women are superior to ALL men?
No. As I pointed out in my last post on the subject that would clearly be ludicrous.

Does it mean that in a Female Led Relationship the woman is superior to her husband in every way?
No. Although I accept my wife as my leader, even she would accept that there are some things I am better at than her. Her skill lies in using that to her advantage. I am a far better driver than my wife, but as she says - why does she need to drive? - she has me to drive her...

So as I said before, what I mean is that "on average" women are superior to men, and superior in most respects (the ones that matter). So whilst not all women are superior to all men, in general, for every man there is a woman who is his better and whom he should be proud to serve.

And what of the reality of Female Supremacy? Well you can find a multitude of views and counter-views but the evidence is clear; girls are outperforming boys in schools and women are outperforming men in the workplace so the movement is underway. The change is slight however and whether or not we will achieve a truly matriarchal society in my lifetime is remains to be seen.

It is encouraging to see however that more and more women ARE declaring themselves to be Female Supremacists and, rather than being pilloried or ridiculed, are being praised and sought-out for their views as beacons for the future. Women such as Elise Sutton, Diana Vesta, Paige Harrison, Barbara Wright Abernathy and of course the beautiful and redoubtable Ms Saharah Eve (formerly known as Mistress Dolly) are all much in demand for their forward thinking views on the nature of a Female Led society.

There are other positive signs too. One Sunday morning late in 2007 I was delighted to find in my morning paper - The Sunday Times (a quality British broadsheet) this article by Kate Mulvey in which she argues that men are beginning to accept the fact that they need to support their more successful female partners. I encourage everyone to read the article (and by the way - click on the "recommended" icon to move it up a few more notches...). Without wishing to spoil your enjoyment of her excellent article I will just reproduce here the final paragraph:
"Having grown up with successful women such as Margaret Thatcher and Madonna as role models, and with popular culture awash with fantasies of all-powerful women, from Lara Croft to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, men are not so uncomfortable with the woman in control. This value system recognises the trend of female supremacy, which while not as yet the norm seems to be pointing the way for future relationships."

Naturally she says it better than I could possibly do!


Anonymous said...

It's SaharaH Eve - Saharah Eve, not sahara. :)

SteveT said...

Whoops! How careless of me.

With apologies to the great lady. I have made the appropriate corrections.

Thanks for pointing that out!


houseboy said...

Great article and wise insights Steve. i share your practical and realistic way to look at Female Supremacy also. Women in general are Superior and Female Led will be the majority but there are always exceptions to everything.

Susan's Pet said...

You are going off the deep end with this supremacy theory. I believe in a woman leading whenever she measures up to the task. As for females being supreme, forget it. Women are just as fallible as men, and I am not about to give up my autonomy to some ditz just because of gender whether female or male.

Try to separate fantasy from reality.

SteveT said...

Well that's a fair comment. I might have got a little carried away. I do also agree with you that women can often be as fallible as men, and if you read my earlier article My Thoughts on Female Supremacy you will see that I believe in "qualified Female Supremacy".

I do however stand by much of what I have said. There are still many very patriarchal systems in our world and they are almost universally bad (in my opinion). I personally would welcome the opportunity to try living in a Matriarchal system. It is possible that it would be no better (although I think it would, for the reasons I have outlined) and it's unlikely to be any worse...

Thanks for your input.

Susan's Pet said...

I am not trying to be right at all cost here, just want to be sure that my meaning was understood. I believe that, except in rare cases, power corrupts. I have as little use for patriarcy as I have for matriarchy. That does not mean, however, that I would not follow a leader who is worthy of devotion, respect, loyalty, etc., no matter the gender. What I resist is the lopsided idiocy of believing that "only men/women can be smart enough to be in charge." I insist that it is an individual trait regardless of gender.

Anonymous said...

yea that's true Caucasian Males are Slaves cause they made that themselves
but not in ASIA or ARAB.!
no on can change that.
but it doesn't mean we do like these stuffs
this is totally stupid. according to Buddhism ,to be a male u need to have more good karma other than women need. Lord Buddha is a male and according to Buddhism scriptures ONLY MAN can be a Bodhisattva that means the person who works on to be a Lord Buddha.

in Islamic Society Men got the leader ship in everyplace. men need to obey man's rule.

also Jesus,God,Allah,every 28th of Lord Buddhas all were MEN.!

also most of scientists were men since Archimedes to Steven Hopkins(still lives).

there were no women like Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein.

so men got the more intelligent when u refer the history both science and philosophy aspects compare with women.

but I guess gender fighting is a stupid thing I have ever seen just like black and white well women may be different and amazing cause they have beauty ,and ability to persuade any man so I guess women have some sorta of skills but it's depend on their appearance. ugly woman can be kicked still so ugly women just like a old cent no on is care about that.
"women are good as long as her beauty exist".
as I believe beautiful women even can rule world (of course need some intelligent)but once it's lost men will petty on her.

men give most of leadership places to beautiful women cause their beauty, in short any men blind on men cause the amazing beauty of that female body but if u can see through the illusion women is nothing just the beauty.

in Western Society and Eastern Society men treat to women in different way/ in Eastern way non of men will eager to give the leadership to women but in Western society anyone will give even their leadership to them. I guess leadership SHOULD NOT given to women cause they can't maintain the rest of members well it's actually practical but of course there maybe some of them but consider the amount it's so less

any man will give the leadership to women in sexual intercourse that's why the "pegging" thing originated but I again said try to look through that illusion.
in here it's called
WOMEN Magics they have 62 of like that Tricks to persuade men./ it may have a better name but I don't know the real English name.

Anonymous said...

I am a man or female and I believe in Male Supremacy.
in your poll?
it means u more into female Supremacy.! biased people.

Alex D said...

"there were no women like Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein.

so men got the more intelligent when u refer the history both science and philosophy aspects compare with women."

Men has also throughout the times got a different upbringing than women. Boys got toys and dad teaching them about practical things while the girls played with dolls and had imaginary tea parties. Braught up to look good and behave "like girls".

Who do you think will be interested in science? And who do you think has that basic knowledge of practical things heading out in life?


Anonymous said...

Men and women evolved differently to optimize preservation of their family's genome. Men evolved to take greater risks because they are not as essential to bringing up the children to reproductive age. The men were more useful hunting and fighting wars while the women were home. The men evolved to be pack animals, most as the beta and with a capacity as an alpha. But women were making compromises, working together, taking care of everyone's interests.

So women are better at consensus and leadership in the home but men are better adapted to hierarchy of large corporations. That is, men take orders well. Men are better at math and solitary tasks.

For me, this means women are usually better at leading the relationship and the home. My wife makes almost all decisions and asks for my opinion only if she wants. I almost always agree with her decisions and have little reason to question them. If I disagree, she still has the final authority because she believes she is better at making such decisions and I know that is true too. I think most relationships go in a similar direction over time. We changed our marriage vows. It was clear I was to obey her and I do, A lot of guys don't admit this but they do too.

I think men like to do what their wives want. It is also how we evolved. The family works better that way, and that means the kids are more likely to grow up from the evolutionary perspective. I know I am very happy with my position and my wife doesn't take advantage. She likes to be in control and that feels natural to her.

Since we'd be better off without wars, perhaps we'd be better off if more decisions were made by women at the macro scale too. However, large organizations operate as hierarchical institutions. Those who are good a obeying (men) move up. I don't see this changing. They also serve profit motives not the more complex optimization motives that women are so good at.

Johnny Bone said...


My views on this subject are more aligned with that of Susan's pet. I absolutely do not believe in the flawed concept of female supremacy. Indeed any type of concept of supremacy; whether it be white supremacy, black supremacy, male supremacy, female supremacy, Christian supremacy, Jewish supremacy, Muslim supremacy, Capitalist supremacy, Socialist supremacy, Asian supremacy, African supremacy, European supremacy, etc., leave me with a foul taste in my mouth. I do not believe any human is superior to another human merely on account of sex, gender, race, religion, or nationality, Period!

Over the course of human history, great women have walked this Earth, so also have multitudes of great men. And this idea that women are inherently gentle, peace-loving, and un-warlike, is simple hogwash! Elizabeth Bathory (possibly the most prolific serial killer in human history was a woman, the modern-day documented and verified greatest serial killer, was a Russian female, the world's greatest sniper (i.e. the sniper with the greatest number of kills, even though her actions were justifiable (in light of the Nazi invasion of her country and the killings of her husband, brothers, etc.) and have my full support), was a female Soviet Colonel! The fierce, savage, and war-mongering Amazons of ancient Greek and Roman mythology (though not Greek themselves) were women. The equally war-like, savage, and fierce West African Amazons of the ancient African Kingdom of Dahomey, were also women. Delilah was a woman, Cleopatra was a woman (and she justifiably could be blamed for the death of Julius Ceasar, and the subsequent war for control of the Roman Empire that occurred between the forces of Mark Anthony her new lover (following Julius Ceasar's death), and Octavian his nephew. Her ambition for world dominance led to those exceedingly bloody wars. So who is to say a world ruled by women would be free of wars?

To be Continued...

Johnny Bone said...

Continuation 1...

Only someone that is blindly committed to the flawed concept of female superiority, would ever say so! Amongst my mother's people in Nigeria, when young male warriors go to war, they are often anointed for battle by middle-aged to elderly very powerful female witches, and-or shamans. And these women are actively involved in planning battle strategies with these young male warriors, sometimes even directly leading and commanding in battle, so I don't know were you are getting your belief in mild mannered and pacifist women from? One one occassion that I remembered being told about very clearly when I was 15 years old, a powerful female shaman amongst the Mbube Ethnic group of Nigeria, was presented with a group of captured male prisoners of war, from the rival Boki tribe, and she gladly gave permission to her male warriors to behead these captives, since their intelligence value had been exhausted (after torture) by that time. So what indeed makes you think that women are either so mild or so kind?

Whether our leaders are either male or female in the forthcoming future, I can assure that human on human violence is still going to be the norm. All you so-called sub males, who claim to be striving to usher in a female led earthly paradise, or matriachy, fail to forget that female dominants are far far more cruel than male dominants, and I yet to see any male dominant cane a female sub as severely as I have seen even the most lenient female dominant, cane a male sub. So please give me a break with all that "a female led world would be a lot kinder and gentler than the presently largely male led one!" If women were so gentle and kind, then why is it that most of the secret services, and state security organizations on Earth, prefer women as torturers/interrogators, than the do men?

If a woman displays the qualities of a true leader, then I will gladly follow her lead, but if any woman thinks she can claim leadership over me, simply because God gave a more beautiful botttom, breasts, hips, and thighs than he gave me, she has another think coming! Women are as responsible for all the wars fought on this planet, as are men, after all what do men fight over most of the tiem, if not women? They tend to be at the center of almost any male-on-male violence. We are either fighting other men to protect them, avenging their wounded honor, trying to impress them, tryng to win exclusive rights over them etc. And they are marvelous manipulators, who excell at setting one man in conflict with another man, in other to achieve their many nefarous ends, so spare all that women are angels, while men are devils crap!

Gynarchy said...

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Gynarchy said...

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