Monday, 31 March 2008

My thoughts on Female Supremacy

I am proud to say that I am a Female Supremacist.

Now that's a scary term and many people shy away from it. The folks on the truly excellent FLR Forum (Female Led Relationships) often try to distance themselves from those people who believe in Female Supremacy and I can understand why. The word “supremacist” has connotations of Nazism, Klu Klux Clan cross burning and Fascist fanatics.

I would like to try to reclaim the term from the extremists however. Allow me to explain how I view Female Supremacy.

I suppose I really believe in “qualified” Female Supremacy. Do I believe that Women are superior to men?

Do I believe that all Women are superior to all men?

I am a well educated and successful man. I travel up to London on the tube (London's subway system for those otherwise unfamiliar with London) every day. Occasionally I will put down my paper and look around the crowded railway carriage. Naturally, as a man, my attention is usually drawn to the Female occupants of the train. I find myself looking at the Ladies I see and asking myself “could I obey and serve this woman?” Often, as I look at some slack-jawed gum-chewing, scruffily dressed Woman reading Hello Magazine or some trashy novel, the answer is NO!

I know that one should never judge by appearances, but frankly it's sometimes impossible not to. I can just tell that the lady in question is not from the same background as me and, whilst I don't want to add a charge of elitism to my already long list of faults, I think that in general relationships between men and Women are founded on a basis of chemistry and shared background, experience and beliefs. I would clearly have nothing in common with some of these Women. Would I be polite and respectful if I had to interact with such a Women? Yes of course. All Women deserve respect. Would I agree to become Her permanent slave (even if was available to)? No.

Serving a Woman on a permanent basis is something that I think all men should do. To me it seems natural, right and proper; but finding the right Woman to serve is in my opinion no different to finding a mate in any other form of relationship.

So although I am happily married and in a FLR, If I wasn't already in service to a beautiful and intelligent Lady that is exactly who I would need to find – a Woman of similar or superior intellect to me – and of course there are a great many of those around – just not every Woman.

For every man out there there is a superior Woman. It's just a matter of matching them up appropriately. So not all Women are superior to all men, but on balance Women are superior to men and should be served, obeyed and worshipped accordingly.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Back Again

Well OK...

I know it's been a loooong time since I last posted, but real life has a habit of interfering with the idealised one we live in here on the Interweb.

I have some ideas for posting and I will be back shortly...