Friday, 28 August 2009

The Power of Women - From a Ms Blanche Black blog

I followed a link today from another blog and stumbled into an Aladdin's cave of sublime written gems.

Ms Blanche Black in her superb blog writes beautifully about "Female leadership of men in relationships and society through female assertiveness, boundary setting, male discipline, and matriarchy"

This should be required reading for all - women and men alike - and Ms Black is clearly a visionary woman of the future. Women like this are in the vanguard in our journey towards a Female Led Society and all of us should do all we can to support and encourage them.

Go on over to her blog and be prepared to be blown away as I was by the quality of her insight as well as the quality of her prose.

If I may, I would just like to quote one piece (of the many) that caught my eye. From her article Being a Woman in Western Society:

"Physically, women are powerful to the same degree as men, or more so, through their inherent sensual beauty compared to men. Women’s sensual allure has a more pervasive influence on people than male physical aggression does, because it evokes men’s pleasure and instinctive allegiance towards the woman they encounter, simply by sight. It hypnotizes them, basically. It is a more subtle form of power than violence, and encourages social and political pacifism. The subtlety of women’s physical power makes it all the more powerful for lack of anticipation by others, and carries a lot less guilt than intimidation."

Beautiful - just beautiful. And so true!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

More Thoughts on Female Supremacy

OK - So I'm not exactly the most prolific blogger in the blogosphere, but if any of my thoughts have generated interest of note it would have to be the article on Female Supremacy. I am going to take this opportunity to expand upon that article a little.

I think it's important to be grown-up about this. More men believe in the concept of Female Supremacy than women, but for many of those men it is a masturbatory fantasy in which whip-wielding goddesses rule the world and we men are kept in cages and brought out for their amusement and sexual pleasure... Well OK - but that world isn't going to happen any time soon - or ever...

If we are to bring about a world that I suspect most people reading this blog would like to see; a world which is Female led, a world in which political and commercial leaders are largely women, a world in which Female Led relationships are the norm and where husbands promise to "love honour and obey", where housework is "men's work" - then we need to ensure that the term Female Supremacy is understood.

The problem is that even those women (and some men) that share the above vision would not describe themselves as Female Supremacists. I think that the reasons for this are complex, but have a great deal deal to do with the unpleasant historical connotations of the term as I mentioned in my previous post. If we are to reclaim the term so that more women are comfortable with it and are happy to describe themselves as the Superior Sex then we must clarify what Female Supremacy really means. Now I would be interested to hear from others what it means to them, but this is what it means to me...

Does it mean to me that ALL women are superior to ALL men?
No. As I pointed out in my last post on the subject that would clearly be ludicrous.

Does it mean that in a Female Led Relationship the woman is superior to her husband in every way?
No. Although I accept my wife as my leader, even she would accept that there are some things I am better at than her. Her skill lies in using that to her advantage. I am a far better driver than my wife, but as she says - why does she need to drive? - she has me to drive her...

So as I said before, what I mean is that "on average" women are superior to men, and superior in most respects (the ones that matter). So whilst not all women are superior to all men, in general, for every man there is a woman who is his better and whom he should be proud to serve.

And what of the reality of Female Supremacy? Well you can find a multitude of views and counter-views but the evidence is clear; girls are outperforming boys in schools and women are outperforming men in the workplace so the movement is underway. The change is slight however and whether or not we will achieve a truly matriarchal society in my lifetime is remains to be seen.

It is encouraging to see however that more and more women ARE declaring themselves to be Female Supremacists and, rather than being pilloried or ridiculed, are being praised and sought-out for their views as beacons for the future. Women such as Elise Sutton, Diana Vesta, Paige Harrison, Barbara Wright Abernathy and of course the beautiful and redoubtable Ms Saharah Eve (formerly known as Mistress Dolly) are all much in demand for their forward thinking views on the nature of a Female Led society.

There are other positive signs too. One Sunday morning late in 2007 I was delighted to find in my morning paper - The Sunday Times (a quality British broadsheet) this article by Kate Mulvey in which she argues that men are beginning to accept the fact that they need to support their more successful female partners. I encourage everyone to read the article (and by the way - click on the "recommended" icon to move it up a few more notches...). Without wishing to spoil your enjoyment of her excellent article I will just reproduce here the final paragraph:
"Having grown up with successful women such as Margaret Thatcher and Madonna as role models, and with popular culture awash with fantasies of all-powerful women, from Lara Croft to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, men are not so uncomfortable with the woman in control. This value system recognises the trend of female supremacy, which while not as yet the norm seems to be pointing the way for future relationships."

Naturally she says it better than I could possibly do!