Wednesday, 31 January 2007

An Addiction?

There is a debate going on over at the wonderful Ms Barbara's site concerning toilet service. If this is a matter that offends you please stop reading now for that is what I am going to talk about.

My wife has been away on business for a week and I have found myself craving (and I mean craving) her Golden Wine. Now, unfortunately for me She recognises the fact that toilet service is a great pleasure for me and uses it as a reward rather than requires it as a service.

She is under great pressure at work at the moment and I'm afraid I have not been as supportive as I should have been; so even though She is back now, my craving has still not been satisfied.

The craving has still not gone away, and it's clearly not just contact with Her lovely pussy that I need - we've had sex (me satisfying Her orally naturally) - and my waking moments are still consumed with thoughts of me consuming Her Golden Nectar.

Is it possible I'm addicted?

Has anyone else suffered from this addition?

Is there a Urinaholics Anonymous?

Do write and let me know your thoughts...

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

In Appreciation of the Dominant Woman

I have created this blog to celebrate the increasing awareness amongst women that there is a place for them as the rightful head of the household.

It still saddens me somewhat to see that the proportion of submissive men posting on the Internet far outweighs the number of women declaring themselves to be dominant or the head of a female led relationship. This may of course in part be because women are, like my own wife, not naturally drawn towards this sort of technology, preferring to spend their time on more sensible pursuits.

However, as my first post I wish to draw your attention to what I consider to be two of the best blogs by dominant women not just here on Blogspot, but anywhere on the Internet today. They are:

Drop by and give them your support. We need women like this who clearly enjoy their dominance and are prepared to share their pleasure in that supremacy. By doing so they are leading other women to recognise the opportunity to take their rightful position as head of the household.

To show my appreciation for these two wonderful figureheads of the Female-led movement (neither of whom I have any relationship with - by the way) I have created this blog with the same Blog theme as theirs.

I will try to write more in due course - but in the meantime if anyone has any comments to make about this or any other Female Dominant aspect of our live please do feel free to post...

All the best...

Steve Taillo