Sunday, 1 January 2017

Orgasms - They're for Her!

One of the things we have been experimenting with in our FLR is enforced chastity.

During sex I have always tried to be focussed on my Wife's pleasure first and foremost and cunnilingus has always been the focus of our our lovemaking.

In early 2015 we decided to experiment with enforced chastity and to that end bought a stainless steel cage. For me, this has been transformational. Whilst the device is not foolproof (in the sense that I can still climax when locked - but as I am unable to stroke myself it is, in effect, a ruined orgasm) it has had a wonderful effect on me. I no longer masturbate, and during sex I am constantly reminded that the only orgasm I need concern myself with is my Wife's. What has amazed me is just how true it is that I genuinely derive my pleasure from my Wife's pleasure. When She cums, the pleasure for me is every bit as intense as it is for Her. When we roll over for that glorious post-coital sleep (although I have to wait for a few minutes to come down from the "high") I fall asleep every bit as contented and satisfied as Her - even though I have not orgasmed.

But it is not just the sex. When I am locked I am locked 24/7. I have no access to the keys whatsoever (when we first started I used to carry an "emergency" key in my wallet - after the first few weeks my Wife took that too). I have to sit down to pee. Whenever I put my hand down there I feel  hard steel not soft flesh. Every morning I am awoken by the sensation of my cock straining against the bars of its cage. And each and every one of these things reminds me that I am locked in a cage because my Wife is the Head of the Household, and it is She who decides when I can be released. It is She (and only She) that holds the keys to the lock that imprisons my cock. The lock, to me, symbolises Her authority over me - Her superiority and it makes me very happy to feel the steel of my cage - like a symbol of ownership.

The cage generally only comes off now when I have to travel (through airport security). This Christmas (for once) we were not travelling and - as you can see from the 2016 calendar - I ended the year locked and I have started 2017 locked. With no trips coming up in the near future I have no idea when I will feel my cock again...

This is actually me!

Resurrecting the Blog...

Well OK - I know it's been a long time since I last updated this blog. And perhaps resurrection is too strong a word. I am never going to be able to publish with the frequency that I did previously. However, my New Year's resolution is to try harder to promote the cause of Matriarchy, Gynarchy and Female Supremacy and so this blog - whilst not being exactly world-changing may just help in a small way. So I will try to blog occasionally.

I am someone who, if I have nothing to say - I say nothing. I cannot just spew out postings about nothing in particular. As I have had nothing much to say of late - I have not said much...

One thing that has been a development in my own FLR has been the introduction of enforced chastity. Indeed, I am locked in a stainless steel cage as I write this. I will therefore make a few posts (starting today) where I will document some of my experiences with enforced chastity.

In case you are interested, I do post more frequently in my tumblr blog. I continue the theme of FLR, Female Supremacy and Matriarchy in that - albeit in a lighter (more picture-focused) manner. Check out my tublr here.