Friday, 28 August 2009

The Power of Women - From a Ms Blanche Black blog

I followed a link today from another blog and stumbled into an Aladdin's cave of sublime written gems.

Ms Blanche Black in her superb blog writes beautifully about "Female leadership of men in relationships and society through female assertiveness, boundary setting, male discipline, and matriarchy"

This should be required reading for all - women and men alike - and Ms Black is clearly a visionary woman of the future. Women like this are in the vanguard in our journey towards a Female Led Society and all of us should do all we can to support and encourage them.

Go on over to her blog and be prepared to be blown away as I was by the quality of her insight as well as the quality of her prose.

If I may, I would just like to quote one piece (of the many) that caught my eye. From her article Being a Woman in Western Society:

"Physically, women are powerful to the same degree as men, or more so, through their inherent sensual beauty compared to men. Women’s sensual allure has a more pervasive influence on people than male physical aggression does, because it evokes men’s pleasure and instinctive allegiance towards the woman they encounter, simply by sight. It hypnotizes them, basically. It is a more subtle form of power than violence, and encourages social and political pacifism. The subtlety of women’s physical power makes it all the more powerful for lack of anticipation by others, and carries a lot less guilt than intimidation."

Beautiful - just beautiful. And so true!


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