Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What's in a Name?

Anyone who has made even a cursory reading of these blog pages will understand that it is my belief that Women are the superior sex. There are of course many who do not agree with that opinion - and often voice their view in the comments here - but I am not about to argue the case for Female Superiority in this post, that case has been made to my satisfaction elsewhere. Instead I want to turn my attention to what to call myself.

Personally I am happy to call myself a Female Supremacist. After all, I believe that Women are superior to men and that men should devote themselves to the service of their superiors. I believe that Women should have de jure as well as de facto authority over men in our society, so for me at least the term Female Supremacy covers things pretty well.

However, the term "supremacy" has some unpleasant connotations in some people's minds, conjuring up images of lynchings by white supremacists and genocide by Hitler and countless other dictators. Although I don't think that this should devalue what is in my opinion an accurate description of my belief - Female Supremacy - I recognise that some people are uncomfortable with the term.

So what else could I call myself? Well I quite like the term "Matriarchy". We have, after all, liven for many decades in a patriarchal society so the term Matriarchal Society is easily understood by all and is far less threatening. What does that make me? As someone who seeks to promote a Matriarchal Society am I a Matriarchalist? or a Matriarchist? Technically the noun is "Matriarch" but I cannot really describe myself as a Matriarch!

Am I a Feminist? Well that term may well be technically accurate, but even the term Radical Feminist is usually used to describe one who seeks to bring women towards equality with men (but perhaps by the use of radical means), not superiority over them.

The best term for me - grammatically at least - is Gynarchy. The term is defined as "government or rule by Women" and I can describe myself as a Gynarchist. There are many other useful derivatives of the word - Gynocracy, Gynocentric and Gynarchic which all accurately describe my ideal world or my place in it. The problem with this term is that there is a part of the Gynarchist movement that espouses the view that all men should be castrated and feminised in order to serve their Female superiors. This is not a view I agree with (and not just because I want to hold on to my balls!) because I believe that we should rejoice in the differences between men and Women, accepting the fact that Women are the superior of the two and that we can use our masculine characteristics in the service of our superiors - not try to pretend that we are Women. But that's just my view.

If we can just agree to stick to the dictionary definition of Gynarchy then I am proud to call myself a Gynarchist!

Please let me know how Y/you think of Y/yourselves...