Monday, 31 March 2008

My thoughts on Female Supremacy

I am proud to say that I am a Female Supremacist.

Now that's a scary term and many people shy away from it. The folks on the truly excellent FLR Forum (Female Led Relationships) often try to distance themselves from those people who believe in Female Supremacy and I can understand why. The word “supremacist” has connotations of Nazism, Klu Klux Clan cross burning and Fascist fanatics.

I would like to try to reclaim the term from the extremists however. Allow me to explain how I view Female Supremacy.

I suppose I really believe in “qualified” Female Supremacy. Do I believe that Women are superior to men?

Do I believe that all Women are superior to all men?

I am a well educated and successful man. I travel up to London on the tube (London's subway system for those otherwise unfamiliar with London) every day. Occasionally I will put down my paper and look around the crowded railway carriage. Naturally, as a man, my attention is usually drawn to the Female occupants of the train. I find myself looking at the Ladies I see and asking myself “could I obey and serve this woman?” Often, as I look at some slack-jawed gum-chewing, scruffily dressed Woman reading Hello Magazine or some trashy novel, the answer is NO!

I know that one should never judge by appearances, but frankly it's sometimes impossible not to. I can just tell that the lady in question is not from the same background as me and, whilst I don't want to add a charge of elitism to my already long list of faults, I think that in general relationships between men and Women are founded on a basis of chemistry and shared background, experience and beliefs. I would clearly have nothing in common with some of these Women. Would I be polite and respectful if I had to interact with such a Women? Yes of course. All Women deserve respect. Would I agree to become Her permanent slave (even if was available to)? No.

Serving a Woman on a permanent basis is something that I think all men should do. To me it seems natural, right and proper; but finding the right Woman to serve is in my opinion no different to finding a mate in any other form of relationship.

So although I am happily married and in a FLR, If I wasn't already in service to a beautiful and intelligent Lady that is exactly who I would need to find – a Woman of similar or superior intellect to me – and of course there are a great many of those around – just not every Woman.

For every man out there there is a superior Woman. It's just a matter of matching them up appropriately. So not all Women are superior to all men, but on balance Women are superior to men and should be served, obeyed and worshipped accordingly.


Myles said...

I think you stated this very well. A pleasure to read.

SteveT said...

Thank you very much. It's nice to be appreciated - especially by the superior sex ;)

Steve T

Anonymous said...

my wife knows when she must dominate me when i get out of line. the quickest solution is the use of her hairbrush on my bare agreement for this form of punishment is far better than putting up with hours of argumenrs and long periods of complete silemce. sure it hurts when t am spanked hard but its over and done quickly.

Anonymous said...


I appreciate your opinion that though you believe in Female Supremacy, you do not believe all Females are superior. Further, I respect your need to be discriminate in the one you seek to serve; I would not want to serve an unintelligent, gum-chomping Female either.

I too believe in Female Supremacy, though I do not believe that all Females are superior to men in all areas. Having two X chromosomes (Female) versus one X and one y (male) may predispose Females to certain traits and characteristics, but areas like intelligence, strength, intuition, etc. are not gender specific. We can say, "in general" men are stronger, but that is not an absolute; there are many Women who are stronger than some men. We can say, in general, Women are better managers, but that is not an absolute either; there are many men who possess the traits necessary to make a strong, compassionate, intuitive, diplomatic manager. We can say males tend to have better visio-spatial abilities and Females tend to have more acute sensory perceptions, but again, these are not absolutes.

We can say males are more prone to a number of diseases, Women usually outlive men by an average of seven years, Women bear the most vital sexual organs, Women on average use more of their brains than men, Women have a higher pain tolerance than men, and Women are healthier than men of their own age, but again, these are not absolutes.

While there are always exceptions to every rule, it is clear that most Women have it all over men in the areas of balanced judgment and intuition. The main hub for emotion and memory formation is larger in a Woman's brain, as is the wiring for social and empathetic skills. It seems nature gave Women have better and tremendous powers of observation and an ability to attune to all their senses, to make judgments based upon the more advanced communication between the emotive and analytical, Women have it all over men in the areas of balanced judgment and intuition. Men have their own areas in which they excel, in general, too. It is good that nature has made general differences between the sexes; the sexes compliment one another, producing more efficient parents for offspring, and isn't that Nature wants anyway? :)

The one absolute we can say is that by evolutionary standards, the Female XX is superior than the male Xy. All you have to do is open up any biology text book for evidence.

Look at the chromosomes. XX vs. Xy makes it pretty obvious. Females are superior because they represent the entire human being. There IS significant difference between the chromsomes, namely that the male y chromosome is smaller and contains markedly fewer genetic components than the X. The male y chromosome is a mutated version of the female X. It is a derivative of X. The Female XX chromosome sequence contains far more genetic data than the male's. The male Y chromosome is degrading and in trouble, because it does not build or repair itself with each generation. It is in fact an exact copy of the previous father's Y. That how we can trace lineage in men reliably through past generations.

The male is inferior (genetically) because he is, from a very real genetic standpoint, an incomplete copy of a female. He is a derivative, subhuman mutation, designed for sexual reproduction. After providing sperm, he's quite disposable, and our society shows this in many ways.

And this: "Everyone starts off Female XX.

The Female X chromosome is the most extraordinary in the human genome in terms of biology and its association with disease.

Females are protected from many diseases because of their double dose of the bigger, stronger X chromosome.

(If you look through the microscope, you can immediately see the difference, in the Y 's small, crumpled size.

Further, the X chromosome - one of 24 distinct chromosomes found in human cells - is much larger than the relatively puny Y, containing 1,098 genes to the Y's 78 so females have over 1,000 more genes than males, due to the female chromosome's attacks. Unfortunately, because males have only a single X chromosome, more genetic diseases have been found on this chromosome.

In a sense, it does not matter too much that a male is missing genes on his Y chromosome, because he has equivalent copies on his X chromosome.

But this leaves males vulnerable to any problems lurking on the X.
"Diseases on the X chromosome are usually expressed in males because they don't have a compensating copy of the gene on the second chromosome," said Dr Ross. "More than 300 conditions have been linked to the X chromosome so far."

A host of nasty diseases and disorders sit on the human X chromosome, including haemophilia, autism, muscular dystrophy and mental retardation.

But because females have another - usually healthy - copy of the X chromosome, they are usually shielded from the full impact of these disorders.

Males, on the other hand, who have nothing to fall back on, are forced to fully express their faulty genes."

No matter what you believe in, if you wish to celebrate and worship the Female as your superior sex, than taking the above into account, is a pretty nifty place to start.

- Mistress Dolly 's inferiorXy slave.

Anonymous said...

Love the photograph!


Mistress Dolly, Female Supremacist

Anonymous said...

Something interesting :) ... 103544.htm

"This may be the molecular mechanism behind post-copulatory sexual selection, in which females that have mated with several partners play a role in determining which sperm fertilizes their egg."

"In the traditional view, competition for the egg is male-oriented, with sperm themselves deciding which fertilizes the egg by being the faster swimmer. With post-copulatory sexual selection, the female is in control, her oviducts selecting the "winner"-- the best quality sperm from the healthiest male -- and rejecting the rest."


Mistress Dolly , Female Supremacist

Anonymous said...

Female Supremacy, as a way of life, is actually rather harmonious; those practicing FS *choose* to do so. :)

Female Supremacy is not misandry. Female supremacy is not about the hatred of men.

Female Supremacists do NOT wish to impose their beliefs on anyone.

Female Supremacy is about celebrating and honoring Women, based on areas Females are superior, e.g., evolutionary, biologically, etc..

Thank you,
inferior Xy

for Mistress Dolly, Female Supremacist

SteveT said...

To Ms Dolly's inferior Xy slave -

Thank you very much for the comments. Some real food for thought there. I am going to take a while to digest what you have said, but I certainly agree in large part with what you have written.

Thanks for contributing.

Steve T


I have just taken a look at Ms Dolly's website. You are indeed a very lucky man to be able to serve such a beautiful member of the superior sex!

SteveT said...

To Mistress Dolly,

Thank you Ma'am for your gracious comments.

I would like to congratulate you on your magnificent website where your well-considered philosophy is so amply demonstrated. Any man would consider himself fortunate indeed to be given the opportunity to serve you. Keep up the good work and spread the word. Hopefully one day our view will become the norm...


Steve T

Anonymous said...

Thanks Steve,

Thank you for your kind words. I am beyond lucky to have been taken under my Mistress's wing. Living as Her slave has been wholly fulfilling to me as a male. Mistress Dolly is the quintessence of Female Supremacy in both form and philosophy.

Sorry about not answering your comment earlier; I was spreading the good word elsewhere:

P.s. It's nice to connect with those of like mind.

Anonymous said...

Anyway you want to look at it women are indeed the superior gender.For about 10yrs. I've been with a wonderful Asian woman named Stephanie.Stephanie is strict but vary fair. She insists on a totally female led relationship.She dominates me socially, financially, and sexually and I would'nt want it anyoyher way!

LoveMyCuteFeet said...

Men have feared the power of women since the beginning of time. Why? I don't know. Maybe because women are the weaker sex physically and yet can melt a man with one look. Or perhaps because we are so dependent on woman for our spirit, state of mind and our body and need for sex that we begin to hate this sort of dependency on women. To be frank, women have always been patient and nurturing to even the most undeserving bully.

Anonymous said...

Saharah Eve ,  Beautiful Mistress, Human Pet Trainer and Female Supremacist . See human dog training videos on how to transform your male slave into a human pet.

Severin1964 said...

The Scars of Obsession by Darryl Bowen ISBN 978-1-4349-9317-5articulates some strong reasons for Female Domination being the way forward as well as being a highly entertaining, enlightening and enjoyable read.

Anonymous said...

i believe Women are superior because they fully integrate the physical, cognitive, spiritual, and emotional domains and can operate effectively out of any They choose. males, on the other hand, tend to be driven primarily by the physical and can be controlled because of this. Males are not unlike animals in the sense that behavioral techniques can be used to condition them, bypassing their cognition.

Supreme Goddess La Reigna has written and compiled several helpful articles on the nature of Female Supremacy and some of the influences on its viability here:

i really believe there are more males interested in Female Supremacy than let on, mostly because of how male and Female have been socially constructed in many cultures.

i worship the beautiful Goddesses of

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. And I thought I was the only guy who'd look at a woman -- even the profile of a woman on a dating site -- and ask myself the question, "Could I obey her?"

BTW, I'm across the pond in Phila. Penna., but I know what the "tube" is. :)

Anonymous said...

Disagree with one thing-Women are not objects to be judged by their looks or their freaking reading material on the tube. There's more to the Female than that, but I suppose a male must have trouble understanding that, being physical and base beings in their natures.

SteveT said...

@Anonymous #1 (subtoGoddess)

Some interesting thoughts, thank you, and some very interesting articles on the Goddessclub website. Thank you for bringing them to my attention. If you serve Supreme Goddess La Reigna in person you are fortunate indeed!
Sadly, whilst I agree with you that "there are more males interested in Female Supremacy than let on", I actually think that there are more men than women that believe in Female supremacy. This is something I plan to return to in a future post.

@Anonymous #2
Thank you for your comments. Nice to know I'm not the only one!

@Anonymous #3
I apologise if I gave offence. I agree that one should not judge by appearances - and said so in the article - and I certainly did not mean that by doing so I would objectify women. Far from it. However, I defy anyone to prove that they do not at least begin to form opinions of others based upon appearance and other factors (speaking voice, accent, reading matter - whatever). I do not limit this opinion to observations of women, in fact I am probably quicker to jump to judgement of men based on the fact that are poorly dressed, reading The Sun (a lowbrow but popular tabloid newspaper) or accent than I am of women. As I said, I know it's wrong, and I do on occasion have to reform my judgement (but not often - usually first impressions are accurate!) but there is a wealth of evidence that points to the fact that we all of us form an opinion of others within the first 30 seconds of meeting them.

If I am guilty of objectifying women it is as a result of making them an object of worship.

Anonymous said...

it's not completely true that a woman have more genes
than a man. A woman have more genes, but half of them are a copy. A man have more diversification of is genes. So, in reality, that's the male who have more.

You could say it like this : You have a backup HD of your files but the second don't have backup, but more files in it.

Anonymous said...


The male "y" chromosome contains less than 80 functional genes on it, most of which are involved in describing "male". Women have greater immunity advantages than males, due to two fully intact and complete X chromosomes. The male forfeits two copies because he needs the mutative qualities of the SRY gene (found on the y chromosome) to deviate his development from Female to male.

The Female X chromosome contains more than 1,000 genes on it. We call the X chromosome "Female" because it represents the default template of a human organism without the influence of the SRY sex determining gene found on the tip of the y chromosome.

The static hard drive analogy isn't exactly correct, because we need to look at interaction between genes, too. In the Female, it's obvious to see a double dose of X garners far more genetic complexity and advantage. Expression heterogeneity, immunity defense or mitochondrial inheritance (which is always matrilineally passed) are examples of the power and diversification of the Female X chromosome.

All that aside, we can go back to your hard drive analogy for a moment and consider something else, too: In the Female, Drive A has all data and Drive B not only is a back-up of Drive A, but regions of Drive B are active, too (the second X, science has found, is not completely inactive).

Meanwhile the male's Drive A has all data, but Drive B only has data containing information for maleness. When one of Drive A's files are damaged, where will he go for a back-up? Certainly not on the puny flash drive that is his Drive B that only has blueprints for the male reproductive system on it, nor any of the benefits from active regions of the backup-up copy found on the Female's B drive.

Anonymous said...

thousand years ago, the male Y chromosome had 1400 genes on it. But because it can't diversify itself with another Y chromosome (because man cannot make birth) it started to declin with human evolution. On some species, the abolition of Y chromosome have resulted in relocation of genes that are responsible for sex behavior, so like you can see, nature always have solution and when it becomes effective, it will simply change way both sex use their chromosome, and it can only be good for us. If you think females are superior because on the 23 pairs of our chromosome we have different size, you have serious problem. What make humans, humans is the other 22 chromosomes. Saying females are superior is a very stupid and egoist way of thinking because one could not live without the other as long as you doesn't talk about manipulating human cells. About female supremacy, it is the highest form of dirty human mind I've never seen in our recent days as it promote slavery based on stupid human behavior like sexism, etc which we lead to human destruction. People who encourage and do this doesn't have their place on earth and should be executed and not be tolerated nowadays. The human history shows clearly that slavery have destruct civilization and you don't make war with war. Feminist says mens are responsible for wars etc but you retards promote war by promoting slavery.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous:

Take the next plane back to the middle east please. You sound as extreme and bitter as those you condemn.

SteveT said...

OK - I'd like to make a couple of points.

Firstly, I thought long and hard about deleting some of these comments. I haven't, however, because even though there are clearly going to be people who do not agree with my views on FLRs, Female Supremacy and Matriarchy I live in a world where freedom of speech and thought is regarded as the mark of a civilised society and so I shall not censor views that are not necessarily in accordance with my own. I would however like to request that all posters keep the discussion to an intelligent and reasoned debate. I have also resisted the urge to ban anonymous posting. I do wish that people would not post anonymously. Apart from anything it makes referring to a post rather difficult; but above all, hiding behind anonymity to make a defamatory posting is, in my opinion lacking in moral integrity.

Secondly, I would just like to say that I am getting somewhat bored of the XY XX chromosome argument about which is better (and I have quite a high level of education in science in general and biology in particular). To me this is missing the point of Female Supremacy. Men should serve women because Matriarchy is a better model for society, and for both male and female individuals - not because of any genetic superiority, real or perceived.

Thirdly, (yes I know I said a "couple" of points, but it's my blog so I'll do as I wish...) I would like to address the point about "slavery". I know that there are many Female Supremacist sites that propose the whole Mistress / slave vision of a world ruled by cruel whip-wielding Amazons, where men are kept in cages and only brought out to toil in the fields or service their "owners" sexually - but this is almost entirely a male fantasy and you will find few women that ascribe to this view of the world. Female Supremacy and Matriarchy is not about pandering to a male fantasy. No-one on this site is proposing "slavery" (in it's true sense). On the contrary. Matriarchy values the male. It is simply a recognition of the fact that being in service to a woman is actually better for both male and female partners and better for society.

I would like to point out a far better analogy, one that is often used in the FLR community, that of a Queen and her knight.

A knight is a strong, powerful man of independent thought and action. He is however, in service to his queen and recognises her authority without demur and obeys her orders without question. Her protection, her well-being and her comfort are his primary concern and he would, if called upon to do so, lay down his life for her.

That to me is Female Supremacy. That to me is Matriarchy and that is world I am working to build.

Steve T

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. In general women are superior to men, but not in every case. You have the right idea, and even though I'm just a teenager, I hope to find such a woman for me.

Patrick said...

Hi Steve,

I have no problem with FLR and I would like to find that kind of relationship myself, but that's because it is my preference, not because I think it is the natural order. I don't think we should be pushing our personal choices on others as the way things should be.

Like yourself, I have had it the the XX vs XY debate. Ok, women have a back up set of genes. They're more genetically robust than men. Fine. So what? Women are genetically superior, for lack of a better term. It doesn't follow that men should serve women because of this. I acknowledge those facts. I've yet to hear even a valid argument as to how male slavery is a logical conclusion from this. It's a poor attempt by female supremacists to take their fetish and lifestyle and turn it into a political manifesto, or for some, a commercial cash cow.

Anonymous said...

Hello I am Chris and I know I am not one to belive in supremacy so do not mean to bash what I do not or could not understand I was just reading these blogs and someone added they would rather get his with a brush and end it fast then just fight...I have seen alot in my young age but I just do not understand how you can decide one race is domanate then the other I was tuaght that the weak are the ones who can not take control there are some men...others like me that just can't be domanated I'm an army man and even when I was in the military I didn't follow orders, I also follow a strict honor code of my own, but the point is do you belive that there are some men that just can't be broken? Or is it the entire race that is submissive?

Severin1964 said...

This was certainly a pleasure to read...You put into words my exact thoughts. Like you; when in a crowd my eyes search out the Females and I too find myself asking the question..'Could I obey and serve this woman' untold times each day. As a single male I often feel the desire to throw myself at the feet of a particular woman who has returned a glance but have so far...and i'm now 4; managed not to. I have written a novel on Female Supremacy called the 'SCARS OF OBSESSION' and will continue to write novels in the genre of Female Supremacy because I believe in it so passionatley.

Mistress Lisa said...

Female supremacy is certainly what men really need.

Mistress Lisa

Julie said...

Hi steve,
I agree with your point of view, all Women are not superior to every males. A Female supremacist relationship remain a relationship and both part must be 'compatible'. The submission of the male is great act of love, respect and admiration for the Woman. When I look in the eyes of My slaves I see love because they choosed to serve Me. This is why I'm so hostile to peoples who want to turn this into a political system miroring patriarchy.

«Men have feared the power of women since the beginning of time. Why? I don't know.»
May be because they know in their subconscious that We are superior to them. That We can have them crawling at our feet and loving it. They fear Our innate power over them.

Anonymous said...

Growing up as a boy I always thought boys were superior, because of our external organs. Girls seemed like plane Jane's to me with no exciting parts. That all changed when I was wrestling a girl only a little bit smaller then me, we were almost even in the fight, then she threatened to hit me in my boy parts. Quickly I let go, then realizing how easy a girl could hit me in the balls that she does not have. Thoughts of me holding my aching balls in front of a girl, made me realize that those male parts were not all that powerful that they seemed to be.

Then growing up and seeing those girls maturing, growing breasts, and often hiding their giggles when a guy got hurt in the the groin, really made me jealous of those lucky girls. Then when I see how much smarter girls are then the average boy, really makes me some times mad.

Then as we get to explore the girl parts, and realizing that everything is safely tucked inside, knowing that their orgasms are much stronger and better than our little effort to push out a little sperm, then we have to recharge, usually over night, makes me realize that the only job of a male is to give sperm and serve a female, then our job is usually over, thus the theory of the disposable male.

When I ride a bus like you I admire the female, that a woman of half my size can get pregnant, support life with her breasts, live longer and healthier lives, makes me really believe that girls, women, and all females are the superior gender.

Anonymous said...

As a woman and involved with female superiority issues over the last 15 years, I am surprised that more men, do not recognize that female superiority starts with the basics, that us women, do not have external body parts that are so easily hurt or damaged. Yes, I do know that mother nature is female, and that we must carry our children for nine months or more, and yes we do get periods, and some pain every month. But that all can be put aside with our stronger female orgasm, our capacity to give birth and breast feed our young. That yes girls are healthier then boys, girls are smarter then boys, and of course that women live longer then men. If you were the spirit designing nature, I am sure that you would give women, the upper hand in living longer, after all that females have to do, raising their young.

Therefore back to balls and testicles. Why nature put them in such an awkward place is very strange to me. Just like when a woman has unusually large breasts or a big butt, it makes no sense to men. But I am not mother nature, I am not the spirit that designed men and women. But why to men have testicles in such a vunerable place?

Even though I am just over thirty years old, and have had two children a boy and a girl, I can not still explain the female body, what it does, what it wants, or what it needs. Like on another post, all our vital parts are hidden, not exposed, even our pee outlet is such a mystery, that usaually young boys are curious, where it comes from.

Unlike other women, I do not expect a man to kiss my feet, or obey my commands, but I do hope that the man that I am with, recognises that women are different, more complicated creatures then men, and because of that should be respected. That I a woman do not understand the mystery of the female body, really makes me think and wonder why being born a woman is really such a great thing. Thus in short, men should respect women for what they are, should not worship them, but realize that their male parts, a penis and testicles, do not give them the manly advantage that they thought they had as a child. That having those testicles, and not being able to have multiple orgasm such as a woman, is the really disadvantage of being a man. Not being able to breast feed a new born baby, or live long enought to see their grand children, is the real weakness of being a man.

And when a man realizes those weaknesses and appreciates that women are the fountain of life, the only one who can really satisfy those sexual needs of a man, even though for such a short period of time, that is when a man realizes that women are the superior gender, and should be treated like so.

Becky said...

I wrote on my old blog and in several articles that there is a difference between superiority and supremacy. What people shy away from, and correctly so, is talk of superiority, the notion that a class of people are inherently better than the rest by virtue of something they did not earn, such as race or gender.

Supremacy, on the other hand, is what we agree to lead and rule us. We talk about supremacy of reason, for instance, or supremacy of the law.

It is that which my husband and I believe in: female supremacy, the willing yielding of men to women in decision making, leadership and control of their relationship. Believers in female supremacy realize that yielding to women saves marriages, leads to better decisions and may even save the world from the destruction it's headed to as a result of leaving leadership to men.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

i always knew the females were superior..