Friday, 30 May 2008

Corporal Punishment

I wrote this post over on the She Makes The Rules forum. I think it is something I might develop here so I am going to reproduce it here. If you are interested in seeing the whole thread take a look (you will have to sign up as a member first if you are not already one).

Anne In Charge wrote:

Is it punishment if you enjoy it?

Well this is one of the big paradoxes in FLR.

To me, and I would like to stress that this is only my opinion, this ties in quite closely with another thread on the board at the moment that of wanting acknowledgement of the FLR.

Do I enjoy pain? No! If I slam my fingers in the door it hurts! I am most certainly not a masochist.
Would I like my wife to use her cane on me beyond the point at which it might be considered a pleasurable sensation - to the point where it HURTS? Yes!

Why would I want that when I've already said that I don't like pain?

Because, for me, this is a clear demonstration of her authority in our relationship. It is an acknowledgement of a power exchange. In a partnership of equals no one person could "punish" the other as to have the right to administer a punishment there has to be an unequal relationship where one party has authority over the other. If you walk into a court of law, you are not of equal status to the judge. He or she has the authority to determine and administer punishment.

So, to my way of thinking at least, craving punishment is not necessarily craving "kink" per se, but craving a demonstration of authority, an acceptance of an unequal relationship where our wives are in a position of authority over us...

Now, whether or not our wives chose to provide that demonstration of authority is of course a different matter.

Just my thoughts...

Steve T

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Superb new FLR resource!

In addition to the wonderful FLR board, another website and forum dedicated to Female Led Relationships has been born. Inspired by Barbara Wright Abernathy's "Venus on Top" the site and forum has been created by two of Ms Abernathy's associates QueenBee Debbie and Ms Anne.

The site is called SHE MAKE THE RULES - Women Leading The Way.

Sign up and further the cause of powerful Women and the men that serve them...

Monday, 7 April 2008

The Demise of My Favourites

It occurred to me only today that, during my long absence from this blog, the two blogs that were the inspiration for this one have ceased to be; and that I have made no reference to that event in this blog.

I intend to put right that oversight now...

It was not long after I started this blog that I realised that both Ms Becky and Ms Barbara's blogs (which were respectively Female-Supremacy and Oral-Worship) were hacked and destroyed.

This was the cause of much sadness and despair in the FLR community, not helped by the fact that Blogspot (both were Blogspot blogs) seemed unable, or unwilling, to do anything about it.

Neither Woman has restarted (as far as I know) a similar blog, which is a great shame. Ms Barbara does have a Yahoo group (Forced Cunnilingus) but it somehow lacks the power and immediacy of the blog. Their presence in the blogsphere is greatly missed (certainly by me!). If anyone does know of any other web-related activity by either of these Ladies please do let me know.

Another of my favourites was the FLR board run by Ms Aradia. This was a fabulous resource and a real community (and I don't use that word lightly) of like-minded people. It had a very large membership and thousands of posts. It really felt as if the FLR lifestyle was gaining traction and would soon become commonplace in today's society.

Sadly, for reasons that I still don't fully understand, Ms Aradia decided to pull the plug on the board. It was Her board and, as She is a Woman, I have to abide by and respect Her decision. Nevertheless I do miss it greatly. She has a blog (Into the Dark) but it's not the same thing...

Fortunately one of the members of the old FLR board has started a replacement. Ms SuePrise has taken on the mantle and we now have the Female Led Relationships yuku board. It has many of the same members and is a promising replacement for the old board. As of writing it has only around 100 members at the moment and has thus not yet reached critical mass in my opinion. So do drop by, join, and lend your support...

We need more blogs and forums like these - particularly those run my Women. We need to show the world, and especially the Women of the world, that it is perfectly normal for a Woman to be in charge and in fact a very large number of men want just that...

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Common Courtesy

A little while ago I was parking my car in the underground car park of a major department store in my town. I was a little frustrated as I had to wait for a middle-aged woman to park her large car and get out of my way.

As I waited for the lift to take me to the ground level this same lady approached me. There were other people around – even some some officials of the department store – yet she chose to speak to me (I had come from work and was in a suit so I probably looked reasonably approachable).

She asked me very nicely if I could tell her how to get to a particular bank in the town. I started to try to explain, but it was not easy to give unambiguous directions. At that moment the lift arrived, so I simply said - “Look – I'll show you”.

We made polite small talk as I walked her out of the lift, through the store and out into the town. I then walked with her the short distance until the bank in question was in sight.

The lady thanked me profusely and told me I was a “gentleman”. Well I like to think that I am a gentleman but I started to ask myself about my motivation for this small act. I have stated before that I think that Women should be served and obeyed by men, but was this act the servile obeisance of a submissive man towards a dominant Woman, or was it rather, an act of common courtesy of one stranger to another?

Would I have done the same for a man? The answer is almost certainly not, though I don't think the situation would have arisen had the stranger been a man. For one thing a man would have bee less likely to ask – certainly not before actually getting into the town – and secondly I would have felt it easier to give directions to a man somehow.

Common courtesy, chivalry or subservience?

Monday, 31 March 2008

My thoughts on Female Supremacy

I am proud to say that I am a Female Supremacist.

Now that's a scary term and many people shy away from it. The folks on the truly excellent FLR Forum (Female Led Relationships) often try to distance themselves from those people who believe in Female Supremacy and I can understand why. The word “supremacist” has connotations of Nazism, Klu Klux Clan cross burning and Fascist fanatics.

I would like to try to reclaim the term from the extremists however. Allow me to explain how I view Female Supremacy.

I suppose I really believe in “qualified” Female Supremacy. Do I believe that Women are superior to men?

Do I believe that all Women are superior to all men?

I am a well educated and successful man. I travel up to London on the tube (London's subway system for those otherwise unfamiliar with London) every day. Occasionally I will put down my paper and look around the crowded railway carriage. Naturally, as a man, my attention is usually drawn to the Female occupants of the train. I find myself looking at the Ladies I see and asking myself “could I obey and serve this woman?” Often, as I look at some slack-jawed gum-chewing, scruffily dressed Woman reading Hello Magazine or some trashy novel, the answer is NO!

I know that one should never judge by appearances, but frankly it's sometimes impossible not to. I can just tell that the lady in question is not from the same background as me and, whilst I don't want to add a charge of elitism to my already long list of faults, I think that in general relationships between men and Women are founded on a basis of chemistry and shared background, experience and beliefs. I would clearly have nothing in common with some of these Women. Would I be polite and respectful if I had to interact with such a Women? Yes of course. All Women deserve respect. Would I agree to become Her permanent slave (even if was available to)? No.

Serving a Woman on a permanent basis is something that I think all men should do. To me it seems natural, right and proper; but finding the right Woman to serve is in my opinion no different to finding a mate in any other form of relationship.

So although I am happily married and in a FLR, If I wasn't already in service to a beautiful and intelligent Lady that is exactly who I would need to find – a Woman of similar or superior intellect to me – and of course there are a great many of those around – just not every Woman.

For every man out there there is a superior Woman. It's just a matter of matching them up appropriately. So not all Women are superior to all men, but on balance Women are superior to men and should be served, obeyed and worshipped accordingly.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Back Again

Well OK...

I know it's been a loooong time since I last posted, but real life has a habit of interfering with the idealised one we live in here on the Interweb.

I have some ideas for posting and I will be back shortly...