Friday, 20 February 2009

A New Journey

Yesterday was Thursday 19 February. A relatively unremarkable day - except for me.

In the early part of the New Year, when all the newspapers were full of stuff about New Year's resolutions, we came across an item in The Sunday Times in which the author described how he and his wife, following the birth of their baby had - for entirely understandable reasons - fallen out of the habit of sex. To counter this they had resolved, the previous year, to have sex every day for a year. This was a remarkably touch challenge actually and the author detailed their battle which (he claims at least) they won.

We face similar everyday challenges; children, busy lives, both working etc. and it's probably fair to say that we don't make as much time for sex as we should.

Last night, Thursday 19 February, out of the blue, my wife announced that we do a similar thing - with a twist as befits a FLR couple. We are going to attempt to have sex every day for a month. Naturally, in our case, I don't get to cum until the last day...

She had a lovely orgasm last night. One down...

Wish me luck!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

My Strange Fantasy

Well it's not that strange actually - not in the FD world anyway, but it seems to be consuming my thoughts at the moment.

Although my wife and I don't (yet) use a lockable chastity device, she does decide whether or not I get to orgasm during sex. Naturally, the primary purpose of sex is her orgasm and I try to achieve a ratio of around 30:1 in terms of her ogasms to mine. Some might argue that this is harsh, others that she is overly generous. All I can say is that it it about right for us (although I think that as befits a Female Led relationship we should move towards a higher number - say 50:1).

During sex I wear a cock ring to try to prevent accidental orgasms (if she is reclining whilst I perform my oral service my cock often rubs against the bed and this is sometimes too much stimulation!).

As I said, I am not locked up; and in truth I quite like the sensation of a rock-solid erection whilst knowing that the only orgasm will be my wife's...

So here's the fantasy - A surgically implanted device that doesn't interfere with normal erections, but that makes ejaculation and orgasm quite impossible. There would be a remote control device allowing orgasms "on" or "off" which, naturally, only my wife would have access to. In fact, in the more detailed of these fantasies it is controlled by a fingerprint scanner, meaning that the "key" can even be left lying around for me to see - completely unable to activate...

In the meantime I would of course become a human dildo! Unable to orgasm, but able to satisfy my wife with my cock as well as my tongue - until she has had enough!

Now that's a gadget I would pay for (and probably she would too)!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Mistress Dolly

I have just become aware of a new (to me anyway) and powerful force in the Female Supremacist movement. She is the redoubtable and undeniably beautiful Mistress Dolly.

She is an ardent believer in the superiority of the Female sex and lives that life.

She and one of Her slaves have posted comments here in response to my article on Female Supremacy. Whilst I do not agree entirely with all aspects of Her philosophy, I think (as can be seen from my article) that there is common ground between us. Without wishing to paraphrase Ms Dolly I think it is fair to say that She believes all Women to be inherently superior to all men. My view, only slightly different, is that in general Women are superior to men.

To read more hop over to Her website.

One interesting aspect about this powerful Woman is that She runs Her own production company devoted to promoting the interests of dominant Women. I wish Her well in all Her ventures.

All I can say is; fortunate indeed is the man lucky enough to serve Her!

Mistress Dolly now prefers to be known by her proper name of Ms Saharah Eve.