Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Mistress Dolly

I have just become aware of a new (to me anyway) and powerful force in the Female Supremacist movement. She is the redoubtable and undeniably beautiful Mistress Dolly.

She is an ardent believer in the superiority of the Female sex and lives that life.

She and one of Her slaves have posted comments here in response to my article on Female Supremacy. Whilst I do not agree entirely with all aspects of Her philosophy, I think (as can be seen from my article) that there is common ground between us. Without wishing to paraphrase Ms Dolly I think it is fair to say that She believes all Women to be inherently superior to all men. My view, only slightly different, is that in general Women are superior to men.

To read more hop over to Her website.

One interesting aspect about this powerful Woman is that She runs Her own production company devoted to promoting the interests of dominant Women. I wish Her well in all Her ventures.

All I can say is; fortunate indeed is the man lucky enough to serve Her!

Mistress Dolly now prefers to be known by her proper name of Ms Saharah Eve.


Anonymous said...

I am one of Mistress Dolly's slaves. Mistress Dolly promotes the empowerment of Women and wishes to celebrate the superiority of women in areas important to Her. Though She does not believe Women to superior to men in all areas, the areas they are (genetically, evolutionary, etc.) play a strong role in Her philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sub Male,
i am highly intrigued and to be honest, just a little bit jealous of you since you are one of Mistress Dolly's slaves.
How i would truly love to worship Her as you obviously do.She is a veritable Goddess.In fact i know of very few other women who possess such incredibly Goddess like qualities as she does.
I would love to become a member of her website but i dont trust tickets club.Apart from this i never like to become a recurrent member of any site because for many reasons i think it si very unwise especially if teh site closes down and you cannot then stop the payments.i wonder if you could ask Mistress Dolly to add more options such as single Monthly Payments for people such as me?You woould be helping her add more wealth and indeed acolytes to her stable.What do you think?
Kind Regards, Best Wishes,
From Birmingham, England.

SteveT said...

Hi Rugerio,

I think you might be confusing me with the respondent above who *is* one of Ms Dolly's slaves. Although I do have to agree with you - he is indeed very fortunate to be able to serve such a Goddess.

You really should direct your comments to Mistress Dolly at
or via Her blog at

In the meantime I will pass your comments on to Her and Her slave.



Anonymous said...

Thank You very much Steve T.
It was very good of you to reply so soon.I will do as you suggest.
Its so frustrating wanting to worship a woman like this and being unable to for whatever reason.
If only she would visit England.Wow!
Kind Regards,

slave2Catwoman said...

You are in an enviable position. Mistress Dolly is obviously an incredibly powerful Mistress.

Anonymous said...

Whenever i see Mistress Dolly on my mobile screen i feel dominated through her beautiful eyes. During nights while sleeping i usually feel her weight on top of me dominating me on bed thus Mistress Dolly dominates me all 24 hours.

Anonymous said...

I have always believed in female supremacy. It takes women such as Mistress Dolly to make it more mainstream. Not only is she totally drop dead gorgeous she also is extremely intelligent. What male could resist her? I think I speak for other submissive males when I point out the superiority of women like Mistress Dolly. My only request is that I wish there was a way on her website to send tributes and gifts without joining. She deserves our money.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that all of Mistress Dolly's slaves are naked when they are serving her in private. Does she require them to be nude? Is there a reason?

Anonymous said...

  To update, Mistress Dolly is officially n/k/a Saharah Eve,  Human Dog Trainer and Female Supremacist according to her new news.

Bunty said...

The day i saw Mistress Dolly in HER white V CUT ,i liked it so much that i have downloaded it on my mobile screen. In HER v cut SHE looks so sexy and dominating that i strongly wish to surrender myself fully under HER control for getting raped brutally by HER.

Buntymohan said...

The slaves of Mistress Dolly are very fortunate that they got a chance to remain naked before such a beautiful Mistress And their ass is always exposed to serve the Mistress. I am jealous of them and wish to be at their place for ever to serve my Mistress Dolly Buntymohan

Pappu singh said...

Bunty is right. Mistress looks so sexy in HER white shorts. i strongly wish that SHE must fuck and destroy my ass putting on this white shorts. Pappu singh

Harsh said...

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Anonymous said...

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Harsh said...

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Harsh said...

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Anonymous said...

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Harsh said...

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