Thursday, 19 February 2009

My Strange Fantasy

Well it's not that strange actually - not in the FD world anyway, but it seems to be consuming my thoughts at the moment.

Although my wife and I don't (yet) use a lockable chastity device, she does decide whether or not I get to orgasm during sex. Naturally, the primary purpose of sex is her orgasm and I try to achieve a ratio of around 30:1 in terms of her ogasms to mine. Some might argue that this is harsh, others that she is overly generous. All I can say is that it it about right for us (although I think that as befits a Female Led relationship we should move towards a higher number - say 50:1).

During sex I wear a cock ring to try to prevent accidental orgasms (if she is reclining whilst I perform my oral service my cock often rubs against the bed and this is sometimes too much stimulation!).

As I said, I am not locked up; and in truth I quite like the sensation of a rock-solid erection whilst knowing that the only orgasm will be my wife's...

So here's the fantasy - A surgically implanted device that doesn't interfere with normal erections, but that makes ejaculation and orgasm quite impossible. There would be a remote control device allowing orgasms "on" or "off" which, naturally, only my wife would have access to. In fact, in the more detailed of these fantasies it is controlled by a fingerprint scanner, meaning that the "key" can even be left lying around for me to see - completely unable to activate...

In the meantime I would of course become a human dildo! Unable to orgasm, but able to satisfy my wife with my cock as well as my tongue - until she has had enough!

Now that's a gadget I would pay for (and probably she would too)!


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

I'm treated similarly. In fact, male orgasm is seen as nothing more than a reproductive function by my Mistress, meaning I'm seldom allowed to enjoy the pleasure of orgasm, but I get pleasure out of pleasing Her. In fact, I often thank Her for being allowed to give Her pleasure. For health reasons concerning the prostate, She does milk me, allowing prostate fluid release without climax. Generally denial of orgasm is a redirection of libidinal energy for labor. :)

Btw, I really like your idea about orgasm control.

Mistress Dolly's inferiorXy.

SteveT said...

Hi inferiorXy,

Thanks for your comments. I completely agree. I think it is well understood in the Female Led community that controlling a man's orgasms makes him more submissive, obedient and focussed on Her needs; and this is certainly the benefit my wife expects from this practice.

Interestingly, on the subject of thanks, I too do the same. When my wife has orgasmed, and She has forbidden me to cum, I climb back up from between Her thighs and we cuddle in post-coital bliss. I always say two things, and mean them both more than at any other time I say them. They are: "I love you" and "Thank You". And I am at that time really, genuinely, truly, happily grateful that I have pleasured Her...

little shaun said...

I know my wife would pay top dollar for this device. I, myself, prefer the humiliation of premature ejaculation.

Anonymous said...

Hi - If your device was possible I think it would be the most fantastic invention for all of us that enjoy female-led-relationships, indeed for all couples that worry about birth control.

I for one would love such a device implanted inside me. Invisible yet totally effective. My wife able to control my ejaculations 100% although for those of us who's wives have a somewhat more developed sadistic urge that might be difficult to deal with over time. None the less, to give that power to my wife would be a wonderful gift for both of us.

I like your fantasy, the only pity is that it is not possible (yet).

SteveT said...

@The Happy Cuckold,

Thanks for your comments...

Yup - The human dildo - a VERY hot fantasy! A downside of course would be if she became too fond of this. At the moment my primary sexual organ is my tongue - and that is just fine by me. I would hate it if my wife got to prefer my cock to my tongue. There is something just so right about being between her thighs in what is clearly a subordinate position, and, as I said elsewhere, I think I am addicted to the taste, smell and other sensations of satisfying her orally.

Still - it's still a great fantasy!

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