Saturday, 5 April 2008

Common Courtesy

A little while ago I was parking my car in the underground car park of a major department store in my town. I was a little frustrated as I had to wait for a middle-aged woman to park her large car and get out of my way.

As I waited for the lift to take me to the ground level this same lady approached me. There were other people around – even some some officials of the department store – yet she chose to speak to me (I had come from work and was in a suit so I probably looked reasonably approachable).

She asked me very nicely if I could tell her how to get to a particular bank in the town. I started to try to explain, but it was not easy to give unambiguous directions. At that moment the lift arrived, so I simply said - “Look – I'll show you”.

We made polite small talk as I walked her out of the lift, through the store and out into the town. I then walked with her the short distance until the bank in question was in sight.

The lady thanked me profusely and told me I was a “gentleman”. Well I like to think that I am a gentleman but I started to ask myself about my motivation for this small act. I have stated before that I think that Women should be served and obeyed by men, but was this act the servile obeisance of a submissive man towards a dominant Woman, or was it rather, an act of common courtesy of one stranger to another?

Would I have done the same for a man? The answer is almost certainly not, though I don't think the situation would have arisen had the stranger been a man. For one thing a man would have bee less likely to ask – certainly not before actually getting into the town – and secondly I would have felt it easier to give directions to a man somehow.

Common courtesy, chivalry or subservience?


Mistress Evita said...

Well, we all know men will never ask for directions!

I'd say it was gentlemanly behaviour to show the Woman where the bank was. A bit (a lot!) more such gallantry wouldn't go amiss these days.

Thank you for the link on your blogroll. Coincidentally, your blog was one of a very few male subs blogs that I had added to My favourites. I hadn't checked it for a while, since you went a bit quiet. Nice to see you are getting into the blogging swing of things again.

Mistress Evita

Anonymous said...

Like you Steve I always defer to Women. My FLR wife Stephanie says it's good practice for me and helps me to remember my place!

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