Monday, 7 April 2008

The Demise of My Favourites

It occurred to me only today that, during my long absence from this blog, the two blogs that were the inspiration for this one have ceased to be; and that I have made no reference to that event in this blog.

I intend to put right that oversight now...

It was not long after I started this blog that I realised that both Ms Becky and Ms Barbara's blogs (which were respectively Female-Supremacy and Oral-Worship) were hacked and destroyed.

This was the cause of much sadness and despair in the FLR community, not helped by the fact that Blogspot (both were Blogspot blogs) seemed unable, or unwilling, to do anything about it.

Neither Woman has restarted (as far as I know) a similar blog, which is a great shame. Ms Barbara does have a Yahoo group (Forced Cunnilingus) but it somehow lacks the power and immediacy of the blog. Their presence in the blogsphere is greatly missed (certainly by me!). If anyone does know of any other web-related activity by either of these Ladies please do let me know.

Another of my favourites was the FLR board run by Ms Aradia. This was a fabulous resource and a real community (and I don't use that word lightly) of like-minded people. It had a very large membership and thousands of posts. It really felt as if the FLR lifestyle was gaining traction and would soon become commonplace in today's society.

Sadly, for reasons that I still don't fully understand, Ms Aradia decided to pull the plug on the board. It was Her board and, as She is a Woman, I have to abide by and respect Her decision. Nevertheless I do miss it greatly. She has a blog (Into the Dark) but it's not the same thing...

Fortunately one of the members of the old FLR board has started a replacement. Ms SuePrise has taken on the mantle and we now have the Female Led Relationships yuku board. It has many of the same members and is a promising replacement for the old board. As of writing it has only around 100 members at the moment and has thus not yet reached critical mass in my opinion. So do drop by, join, and lend your support...

We need more blogs and forums like these - particularly those run my Women. We need to show the world, and especially the Women of the world, that it is perfectly normal for a Woman to be in charge and in fact a very large number of men want just that...


Enoch Soames said...

A number of people with hacked BLogspot blogs did get them recovered.

But anyone who really cares about their blogs will be better off with free or accounts. Both are more secure and offer more features anyway.

Gynarchy said...

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Gynarchy said...

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