Sunday, 14 November 2010

Female Led Communities

Well first of all I'd like to apologise to all for being away for so long. I'd also like to thank all those people who sent me public or private messages of support. The truth is I'm just not very good at this blogging lark. I need to feel inspired to write. In order to try to find inspiration I have been cruising the Female Supremacy forums of FetLife and, in case anyone's interested, I have started a thread here.

The main thrust of my thesis is that in order to bring about a Female Superior Society at the "macro" level, we first need to develop awareness and understanding of the benefits (particularly to women) at the relationship or small community (if you like - the "micro") level.

The good news is that Female Led Relationships *are* becoming more widespread, and the rise of excellent sites such as She Makes the Rules and At Her Feet are testament to that. What I would like to focus on in this post however is an initiative to build small communities based upon the Female Superior philosophy. There are not many that I know of currently in existence.

There is Mother Goddess Earth, which is mainly farming focussed but is based upon strong Matriarchal principles and is deserving of our support. Another the ranch run by Dianna Vesta, though this is a largely private affair; and a third is Goddess Manor run by the sublime Lady Femina which is commercial in nature, but definitely Female centric. All of these are worthy Female Led communities.

There is also of course the (sadly now defunct) OWK or Other World Kingdom. I had mixed feelings about the existence of the OWK. It is of course a male fantasy theme park, and with it's focus on male fantasy kink is likely to put off many women just starting to explore their dominance. It was nevertheless based upon a firm Female Superior philosophy and run very much as a "Queendom" and of course, as a man, I could not deny that I would have loved a "holiday / vacation" there.

I would like however to look at a couple of Female Superior communities that are not yet in existence but will, I hope, soon become a reality. The first of these is "Vision Plantation" planned by MizzLeeza. She has concrete plans for a one year trial in a suburban setting in Northern VA, followed by the finding of a rural farmhouse with some land to make Vision Plantation, based strongly on the tenets of Female Superiority,  become reality. This is certainly a project that I would like to see come to fruition and, with a strong lead from MizzLeeza, it looks like it may...

The other project worthy of consideration is Femquility.  I first came across this project some time ago and was impressed then. It is described as "A peaceful EcoVillage / Cohousing Community for those interested in loving Female Led Relationships" with a strap-line of "Honouring Nature and Women".

The really great thing (amongst the many great things) about this project is the fact that it is first and foremost a community, a community built on strong Matriarchal principles and very much focussed on the Female. It makes no concession to male fantasy or kink - which is as it should be.

Femquility is a truly ambitious, but very important, project and is the result of the vision and drive of the remarkable Ms Lisa. It is well thought-out and has a very professional website which I encourage everyone to visit. The plan is for a small community of around 33 homes plus some communal areas where like-minded couples can set up home in entirely Female Ruled community. It would be governed by the "Wise Women Council". The structure of the community is admirable and based on a strong Female Supremacy philosophy. I quote from the website:
"Most community decisions are made by consensus in the Wise Women Council. Every woman in the community is the head of her household and is on the Wise Women Council. Therefore community decisions by the council represent the consensus of all the households. Each gentleman can freely discuss issues with the woman of the household he lives in. But the final decision of each household is up to each woman."

The only problem with this project is that it suffers from a "chicken and egg" difficulty. It does not yet exist. If it did, I suspect there would be many people looking to join it. Unfortunately, until enough people commit to the "vision" it cannot become a reality. This is a shame. I suspect most of us reading this blog would like to live there. As I said to Ms Lisa, if I won the lottery I would be there like a shot. Unfortunately, as a business plan "Step 4 - Win the Lottery" does not usually work with bank managers...

Nevertheless I encourage everyone reading this to support this excellent project. Visit the website, join the Yahoo Group. Ms Lisa is in particular looking for more like-minded Women to join and help drive the project, but anyone can get involved. Spread the word. If you have website or blog put details of Femquility on it (check with Ms Lisa first); if you have suggestions for a location or know of some available land please let Ms Lisa know; put your name in the database in the database on the Yahoo group (afemdomecovillage) and just generally try to help. There could be a meeting to discuss the next steps sometime in 2011.

As these sorts of Female Led communities develop, grow and become common we are moving, one step at a time, towards our goal.

If anyone knows of any other active or planned community based on Female Supremacy principles please do let me know...


Dom Galaecia said...

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BrainFire said...
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Rev. HP D said...

I can assure Female Supremacy is very much alive and on the rise. WE'RE not going anywhere. It's an easy rule to follow if you understand Nature. Please read one of the latest articles on this:

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This is merely one aspect of living correctly according to Nature. It is Nature that has chosen females as the supreme being. Join for Love stay for life.

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intact_MALE said...

Every female in charge of and casting votes for their household? Wow! That sounds like what men did awhile ago. Women also stated that "objectifying" women was bad. Then they turned around and began to objectify us. Women will never be better rulers than men if they continue to just copy what we did, which is what's happening.

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