Sunday, 26 September 2010

My Blog is Not Dead

Hello to all,

Several people have now enquired as to whether or not I am still actively maintaining this blog. The answer is that I am indeed - and I am hearing you loud and clear. I am afraid however that I am very busy at the moment (in fact I'm out of the country at the moment writing this on a public hotel computer - no wireless here!). Also - as I mentioned to the redoubtable Ms Saharah Eve - I need to feel inspired to write. I am in awe of those bloggers who can write every day. If I tried that, you would all have to hear what I had for breakfast!

I will answer some of the recent posts and perhaps come up with a new entry soon I hope. Thank you for reading.


BOB said...

MR Steve T
Glad to hear that your abscence is temporary. I look forward to any future posts at your blog.

Once again i do like and appreciate the fact that you focus on the social aspect of FLRs and WLMs , instead of just the kinkier aspects or the sexual aspects.

spankedbywife said...

You are not the only one who experiences ebbs and flows in the energy associated with blogging and the FLR, in general.

So, no need to worry, we are there for you. As I know you and others are there for us. Our community just seems to be getting stronger and with the rising numbers of FLR blogs, the support is awesome.

Gynarchy said...

Hey everyone
Our goddess said the following :
The sex games - it is what they "think" they want. I monitor world stats. They need to experience the bad, the beatings, the traps, the hatred, the torture and the magnitude of literal torture WOMEN have lived for how long now? It may be that it is the only way men will come to realize whooops that was a wrong turn...and some never get out. Others will watch, until they are convinced they should jump into the dark tank of uncertainty...and then come to realize, shit I should've ran...but meanwhile the "alleged" submissive men are seeking out the dominating dungeons of the world because it is the largest of fetish-ism-sex-sector, but it is leaving them the emptiest. More fakes than anything and that is not an opinion either. I go by math and I wish my stats were more positive. I don't want men wiped out like this, through traps, games, pure hatred, and sexual lures to nothingness. It was a set up from the start and the men need to learn to: DIFFERENTIATE between what is real and what is not. If it leaves you with nothing, and completes, or accomplishes no result then it was nothing to start with. Math. Is there anyone who sees the math