Thursday, 2 December 2010

Towards a Female Led Society - Part Three (More marketing of FLR)

I have long thought that one of the greatest barriers to Female Supremacy is the number of women themselves who see a Matriarchal society as a realistic proposition.

It is a sad irony that there are more male Female Supremacists than there are women who believe in their superiority. Whilst I would dearly like to live in a wholly Matriarchal society, I don't believe it will happen in my lifetime (I'm 49). As I see it there are several barriers to be overcome (not least of which will be the entrenched patriarchal interests and the far less enlightened attitudes in the developing world). Putting those rather large problems to one side for a moment, there are two other factors I would like to focus on:

1) Persuading more women of their superiority and of the fact that it is their right to rule; and
2) Convincing them that once they understand this that there will be a large number of willing men who will support and serve them in this belief.

Given that a Matriarchal world will not happen overnight no matter how much we might want it to, I think we need to take baby steps. I am massively encouraged by the growth and acceptance of FLR (Female Led Relationships). The great thing about FLR as opposed to the Mistress/slave paradigm is that it is far more Female friendly and therefore more accessible to women who would be put off by the "kinky" or "whips and chains" aspects of Femdom which is after all mainly a male fantasy construct. The benefit of FLR is that it is very much Female centred and puts the wants and needs of the woman first, but in a basic everyday setting. This is far more attractive to women.
FLR is also far less threatening to the patriarchy. We are not shouting in their face that women are superior to men (even though they are), we are merely saying that some people like to live their lives with the woman in charge. Women too can see that even in the vanilla world, it is the woman who typically makes the decisions in a household - this is merely formalising that relationship.

FLR is not yet fully accepted. I do however believe that one day I WILL live to see the day where I can quite openly say "Yes, I live in a relationship in which my wife is the head of the household" and the person I am talking to will say "Oh yes - my next door neighbours are in an FLR too".

Promoting FLR goes some way to addressing the two points above. Instead of trying to convince women of their superiority, we only need to say "It's quite normal for you to be in charge in your relationship"; and the fact that there are many men willing to adopt this lifestyle will be self-evident.
Once we start to achieve critical mass, with a significant proportion of relationships being Female Led, then - and I suggest - only then, can we start to move towards a Female Supremacist paradigm.

How we achieve the first step - widening acceptance of FLR - has to be the subject of another debate, but as a suggestion I would like to see some sympathetic editorial in mainstream Ladies' magazines (Cosmo and the like) - without any mention of leather, boots or whips - outlining the benefits to a woman of a Female Led Relationship. "No more housework" "You own the remote" "Sex your way" ... and the like... Any freelance journalists reading this?

Thoughts anyone?


To illustrate what I mean I have created an example article. I will publish that here as a separate post in a week or so. If you want a sneak preview you can see it here.


Michael said...

I completely agree with you. A society with women ruling the family as well as all else would be ideal. But right now I see several problems.

Today a larger number of young males are avoiding marriage and avoiding any responsibility of serving a wife and family. I know many don't like to discuss children on these sites, but if we are serious about promoting FLR we must. This must be instituted into our schools. Girls must be convinced of their superiority at an early age through all institutions as school, church, girl scouts, 4H, etc. Boys must be shown how they are responsible for providing for and serving the female, and the benefits for them.

The wife always has the better common sense and intuition of handling a household. When the husband is the decision maker, it contradicts what the wife knows is right and starts to cause conflict. This conflicting decision only confuses the children of what leadership in the home should be. When daughters and sons see their father defer to their mother, they can see where the proper authority lies.

You mention magazines. The ones wives get most often in their home are Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping and Redbook. We need these to start to promote FLR families. When wives start to read FLR articles in these magazines, they will start to see the benefits of being in charge.

Saharah Eve said...

Excellent post.

Interesting thoughts expressed, and a somewhat dispiriting dash of reality there too at the same time. It's true that there seems to be more males who uphold the idea than Females, but I suspect this will indeed change over time, and much like you have written, it probably won't come full circle during our lifespan. I think the first step in realizing Female Supremacisim in western society was gaining Female equality with males, but that needs to be global. The second step is gradually placing them in more positions of power, which is happening now. Along with this our culture is celebrating Women for their beauty and Feminine intellect, and their sexual power is at last being recognized (you are seeing more acceptance of Female-dominated D/s and BDSM themes in popular culture and popular media). Third is getting society to accept Female Led Relationships without the scarier label of Female Supremacy being attached to it. Once our culture is suitably reversed in accepted sex roles over one or two more generations, notions of Female Supremacy will be easier to plant and accept in general society, since the mythology of male supremacy and patriarchal influence will have waned (hopefully) by then.

It is most certainly a process, however. While all these steps are already in action, the first and most crucial one is yet to be complete: seeking equality between the sexes in all areas of the world. Like you, I suspect I will see a day when "FLR" is not such an arcane term.

Saharah Eve

Anonymous said...

Wow... no answer, but it is an exciting dream and vision. Thanks! :)

SteveT said...

@Ms Eve

Thank you Madam for your comments. Always good to get your input. As a Woman striving to spread to word about Female Supremacy, your views are always appreciated and I very much respect Your opinion.

You make some good points although I fear that some things will be easier than others. Global Female equality will - I think - be a hard one... There are some truly backward societies in the world where the patriarchal system is deeply entrenched and where the men work very hard to keep it that way and to keep women down. That is going to take some changing. On a more positive note I agree with you that we are already seeing more Women in positions of authority at graduate entry and middle-management level in most organisations there are more Women than men. In 10-15 years I expect to see this reflected in the most senior positions.

Glad You liked the article. There is more to come.

Anonymous said...

what a dream..but i will say it wont happen at all..female supremacy will never happen.actually men are designed by the nature more dominant and aggressive than female counterparts..they are strong,stable and intelligent.
Its the property of a man or "purusharth" to respect and love his wife ,daughter etc..but if he likes somebody to rule over his head or if he wishes to be submissive.then he is not a man..Then he is just an emasculated pig,a donkey or something..Its always good to respect your wife's or mother's opinions and do it if that opinions are good..but obeying like a dog is never manliness

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