Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Beta Male

I live in London and every week I take The Sunday Times. For those outside the UK, The Sunday Times is a highly respected "quality" broadsheet. One Sunday back in the autumn of 2007 I actually read this article by Kate Mulvey. I practically choked on my cornflakes...

What modern women want: a beta male

I recently stumbled across it again on the web the other day so I thought I would post about it here in order to bring it to a wider readership than just the UK.

I thought it extremely important that this article should get such mainstream exposure. At the time I thought it could have been the beginning of a seismic shift towards a Female Led society. Sadly I have have seen nothing of its like since and I have heard little more from its authoress.

The article is not overtly FLR but its subtitle is: "Men are surrendering in the sex war, taking on the supporting role" and its subtext is clearly FLR.

I encourage everyone to read it. Unfortunately you can no longer post comments. There is however a "recommended" button which you can click (just below Ms Mulvey's picture) and doing so will increment its score which may bring it to the editor's attention. If you agree with Ms Mulvey's thesis - and I suspect most of us here do - please click on this button to show your support.

At the time there were quite a few negative comments, largely from men, but sadly from some women too and I believe that it is incumbent upon us to get behind a commentator such as Ms Mulvey when she is brave enough to stick her head above the parapet and foretell the future in this way.

You can find the link to the article above, or here:

Do have a look - and let me know what you think and whether or not you voted for the article...


BOB said...

MR SteveT
I read this article some time ago.And while it is intresting i don't think that the top corparate women will pave the way to a female led future.I have been platonic friends with many of these type of women .And while they all tend to have "type A" personalitys, they tend to like men that are the same [the "alpha male" type].

Loer down the corporate ladder is different in my experience.Most mid-income women that i know ,just want a nice husband who will pamper them and dote on them.They want someone who will help out with the housework.If he is willing to do all of the housework ,that's even better as far as they're concerned.

As for the blue collar households, most of those have always been female led ,in fact ,if not in name.It has always been normal for a blue collar woman who wants
a deck or shed in her backyard to call her female friends up and to have them send their husbands over to help out.The wives all sit around and chat while the men work in the backyard.It's not called a matriarchy.But thats what it essentially is!
I am a carpenter and i know that most of the finacal descisions in my co-workers households are made by their wives.Most of my co-workers do most or all of the housework as well.

I think that there is several reasons for this.Partly it's because most blue collar males have wives that out earn them.Wages for blue collar males have pretty much stagnated.Also unlike the wealthier males most blue collar males are used to taking orders at work.And since they do heavy manual labor they aren't insecure about their masculinity.If you swing a sledgehammer all day long, no one,including your own self, is going to think that you are less manly because you are doing the housework while your wife relaxs.

This is not to put down wealthy males.These are just simply observations that i have made over the years,thats all.

Thank you for writing about Wife Led Marriages and the changing status and authority of males and females at work,home and in general society.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am a woman from USA, 32, married to an alpha male. I am in a sore relationship because of it, I'd rather be in charge! I know what's good for us, but my fear, society's outlooks, and my own mind prevent me from going forth with FLR... I know I would be much happier finding a male willing to do what is RIGHT for us both... Anyone have any suggestions for me as a confused woman seeking FLR? anyone wishing to respond personally to me in this regard may do so HERE: SUBJECT: FLR I welcome any and all comments and discussions on this matter, Thanks, Suga

Anonymous said...

Feuri This must have something in kit.qq

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