Sunday, 1 January 2017

Resurrecting the Blog...

Well OK - I know it's been a long time since I last updated this blog. And perhaps resurrection is too strong a word. I am never going to be able to publish with the frequency that I did previously. However, my New Year's resolution is to try harder to promote the cause of Matriarchy, Gynarchy and Female Supremacy and so this blog - whilst not being exactly world-changing may just help in a small way. So I will try to blog occasionally.

I am someone who, if I have nothing to say - I say nothing. I cannot just spew out postings about nothing in particular. As I have had nothing much to say of late - I have not said much...

One thing that has been a development in my own FLR has been the introduction of enforced chastity. Indeed, I am locked in a stainless steel cage as I write this. I will therefore make a few posts (starting today) where I will document some of my experiences with enforced chastity.

In case you are interested, I do post more frequently in my tumblr blog. I continue the theme of FLR, Female Supremacy and Matriarchy in that - albeit in a lighter (more picture-focused) manner. Check out my tublr here.

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